Monday, June 17, 2013


With this unintentional week long hiatus, it appears that I'm having a hard time getting out of vacation mode here on the blog.  Attempting a second return with this week's Music Monday - with pictures!

It seems like much longer than 7 days, but last Monday my friend Erin and I went to see Glen Hansard play at the Pritzher Pavilion band shell in Millennium Park here in Chicago.  Glen is most famous for this song from the movie Once.  The evening was a wonderful one with good music shared with a great friend.

It did turn a little surreal as the fog rolled in off the lake and wrapped the area in a big grey cloud. Glen got quite a kick out of the fact that he routinely "lost" the audience in the fog.  Here are a couple quick snaps from my phone.

As reference, the area typically looks like this photo (photo credit found here).  Crazy, huh?

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