Monday, August 5, 2013


Lollapalooza descended on Chicago this weekend. Mr. Squareview and I didn't attend as we're old fogies and the idea of spending several hundreds of $ to spend 3 days trapped in Grant Park (no matter how good the music) did not float our boat.  That said, the line up was awesome.

There were tons of new acts that I would have liked to see in a different venue, but there were a few that I briefly considered hanging up my old fogie status so I could see.  Namely, New Order & The Cure.  These bands were primary players in the soundtrack of my teenage years and I've never seen them in concert. Hopefully someday I will, especially as the band members are getting up in years.

Today, I'll give you a couple of beauties from their past.  Joy Division (New Order's predecessor) with one of my all time favorites Love Will Tear Us Apart and a hilariously lip synced version of the first Cure song I ever heard Boys Don't Cry.


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