Thursday, September 5, 2013


Phew! It's been busy in the shop.  I'm thrilled to report that my address stamps and wedding favor stamps have been flying off the (virtual) shelf!  While I was prepping orders to be shipped last night I grabbed my camera (forgive the bad lighting, it was late) to take a few shots.  I thought it would be fun to share as a little behind the scenes into my packaging.

The address stamps are shipped out in hand stamped muslin bags.  Perfect for storage or gift giving.  The wedding favor stamps are a little too big to be squeezed in to the muslin bags so I pack them in a cellophane bag with a hand stamped tag tied with twine.

Stamps aren't the only items being shipped out.  My party invitations and social stationery designs are also being sent across the country.  I package those similarly to my wedding favor stamps - cellophane bags, hand stamped tags and bakers twine.

I've been researching other packaging ideas that I may implement soon. I'd love to hear about any packaging that you've gotten from a shop that you loved or packaging that you use in your own shop.

Have a great Thursday!

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