Wednesday, December 5, 2012


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I like to spend a few moments a day on the Behance's  99U website. The site is full of inspiring articles, tips, videos, and more that help the creative world make ideas happen.

From the site: 

The goal of the 99U is to shift the focus from idea generation to idea execution. To accomplish this, we bring together some of the world's most productive creative visionaries and leading researchers to share pragmatic insights on how ideas are brought to life.

In the spirit of kicking off Do It Yourself December, I wanted to share an article from 99U that talks about the difference of the doing vs. thinking mindset.   It was a fascinating read for me and I found it applied to tackling DIY and 'day job' projects alike.  I found the concepts of diverging & converging to be particularly interesting.  Here is a snippet for you to enjoy - the link to the full article is below.  

99U - The Thinking Mindset vs The Doing Mindset: Pick One (And Only One):

You'll find that some days, the ideas come fast and furious. The days when you just want to sit at your desk, stare up at the sky and just let your mind wander.

Other days, though, you really want to get moving. You're antsy and you can't really focus on any one thought. Instead, you are most efficient if you are getting things done.

It is no coincidence that the motivation to think and the motivation to act seem to strike us at different times. Research by psychologists Arie Kruglanski, Tory Higgins, and their colleagues suggests that we have two complementary motivational systems: the "thinking" system and the "doing" system - and we're generally only capable of using one at a time.

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