Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Do It Yourself December continues!  Next up, fun do it yourself paper bows.  I've been seeing these guys all over Pinterest lately and had to take a stab at creating my own.  These cuties are so fast and simple to make and will add a sweet personalized touch to your gift giving this season.

We'll keep it simple for this one.  All you'll need is a printer, scissors and tape.


  1. Print and cut out the pattern using scissors or a Xacto knife
  2. Curve the right edge of the top bow to the middle and secure it with a small piece of tape. 
  3. Do the same with left side.
  4. Tape the top part of the bow to the bottom section
  5. Wrap the tail section of the bottom bow across the top bow.  Tape on the back side.
The directions are shown below.  If you would like the stripes to show on the outside as they do in my photos, make sure you start with the pattern side down.


  1. Print and cut out the pattern using scissors or a Xacto knife
  2. Moving counter clockwise, curve each end towards the middle and secure it with tape one section over as shown below.  
  3. Once each section is complete, curve the edges of the center section together and secure with tape.  
  4. Tape the center section to the middle of the bow.

 Download the front and back of each design below.  When printing, print the the front first then flip your paper over and on the same sheet, print the back design.  Enjoy!

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