Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Making a DIY snowflake is easy, describing how to make it is hard!  I'm admitting defeat and choosing to defer to the master, Lia Griffth of Elli.  In addition to her gorgeous work in paper fashion and her fabulous Stationery Shop, she writes a great blog full of inspirational paper items.

Check out the blog called Ellinee Journal here.

Paper Snowflake Template

Lia vastly improved the template I was originally using and put together a fantastic step by step to boot.  Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel for this edition of Do It Yourself December, I'll point you over to Lia's site instead.  You can find both the DIY step by step and the Snowflake Template here.  

I had a blast putting together my snowflakes and I hope you do too!  Happy Wednesday!

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