Thursday, April 26, 2012


Another quick day trip today. Client visit in Minneapolis. Day trips that keep me in the same time zone are my absolute favorites.

This morning, while trying to catch up on my twitter feed before boarding my flight, I ran across an interview posted by oh my! handmade goodness. The topic was broadly about organization but what really caught my eye was the discussion on an app called pocket (formally called read it later - find it here).

I was immediately intrigued with the concept and could NOT believe I hadn't discovered this little gem earlier! If you aren't yet familiar, this app will let you bookmark web articles, pics, blog posts, etc. and put them in your "pocket" for consumption later - even without an Internet connection! Perfect for a gal like me that spends her fair share of time in the air.

I spent the hour before my flight home putting no less than 19 articles and blog posts in my "pocket". I'm not sure if you are familiar with the flight time between Minneapolis and Chicago - but it's short. Super short. Like 48 mins today short. I was just a bit over prepared ;)

I guess that just means I'm sorted for my next trip.

I took these snaps in flight to share (after some instagram goodness was applied). Enjoy!

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