Tuesday, April 17, 2012


If you've been paying really close attention, you may have noticed that I've been modifying the social media icon buttons you see just at the right.  I'm brand new to all this so I was thrilled when I actually managed to post the first versions AND get them to work.  Whew, that was a challenge and there are surprisingly few tutorials for blogger (at least that I could find) out there.  More on that later....

Not one to be easily satisfied, I quickly got bored with the first versions as they were just too plain.  Back to the drawing board.  The second versions we just not crisp enough, the third (which never even had their time in the sun on the blog) were just downright ugly, the forth.... Well, you get the picture.  I just wasn't happy.  I also had a terrible case of design envy from the other sites I was seeing out there. The last versions that I just removed today were the standard icons for each of the four sites with no customization and I was quickly growing tired of those too.

I've been an absolute nut for fonts lately (which has been pretty heavily documented via my Pinterest Pins J) and ran across this website that designed a font of social media icon buttons!  Simply type a 'L' and the little twitter bird appears like magic.  And, just like any font, you can customize the color.  I spent way too much time today posting the blue versions and now I think I like the red better.  What's a girl to do? What do you think...
BLUE flr&OR RED   flr&?

Blue is going to have to do, at least for now.  Tomorrow's post will share all the behind the scenes details on how to get these funny little things to work in the hopes that nobody else will have to live through all the head scratching and hair pulling I went through!

Hope you get a chance to check out all the other SquareView Studios goodies on FB, Twitter, & Pinterest.  Happy Clicking to you all!

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