Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Mr. Squareview and I are leaving this weekend for a little mini-break.  We're headed to the Florida Keys for some much needed rest & relaxation!  I'm so looking forward to our trip as it will not only be a sun filled beach trip, but a trip to celebrate our one year anniversary.  Cannot wait!

You may have noticed from my other posts that I'm on the road a bit for my day job.  In fact, both Mr. Squareview and I travel for work.  As a result, we've got packing pretty much down to a science.  Unless our travels take us away for more than 10 days, we do not check bags if we can help it.  You may think this is an economical choice, but it is not (we both travel enough that we don't have to pay for check bags).  It is more of a self inflicted challenge.  We just love to see how much we can cram into our carry-on rolly bags. We even use a little 18" one that, in a pinch, can be stored underneath the seats in front of us.

As this trip is special,  we'll be packing a bit more date night outfits than usual so we'll likely graduate to the "huge" 24" bag.  Oh, the space I will have!!  Looking forward to all this space, I began to plan my outfits using Polyvore for inspiration.  Here are a few of the combos I came up with.  What do you think?

A day at the beach

Sightseeing in the afternoon

For a night on the town

Anyone who knows me would argue that my date night outfit is not my style at all.  But, I saw the dress and thought - if there ever was a place to wear it - Key West was it!  I wonder if Jimmy Buffet will like it....?

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