Friday, June 8, 2012


Happy Friday to all!  As promised, here are the pics from my DIY pinwheel door wreath.  I'm not sure if the settings on my camera are a bit off, but some of the pictures ended up being a bit fuzzy (especially the final product).  When I have the official door hanging ceremony, I'll take some more snaps and update the post (no, I'm not seriously going to have an actual ceremony! J).  {new pictures added - yea!}

I started off with just a handful of supplies for this project:

1. Some combination of Red, White, & Blue paper
2. 12inch wreath or flower form
3. Scissors
4. Hole punch
5. Brads.  Mine were these cute silver stars!
6. Craft Glue
7. 5 inch Styrofoam wreath form  
8. A red streamer roll

Now you're off to the races!   

Using the same measurements as the Resa Likes Colors post that inspired my project, I began cutting the paper into 3 3/4 x 3 3/4 inch squares.  Once I had about 20 squares, I cut a 2 inch diagonal cut on each of the four corners towards the center.  Finally, I used the hole punch to create 5 total holes.  One on each of the four corners (make sure to only punch one per "flap") and one in the center of the square.

Next, flip the paper so the pattern you want to show on the pinwheels is faced down. Take each of the four corners and align the corner holes to the center hole placing one corner on top of the other.  (Editor's note: my big hands kind of get in the way here, you can see it better on Resa's post as she is using glue instead).

Place a brad through all 5 holes aligned in the center and fasten.

Lather, rinse, & repeat until you have enough pinwheels to circle the entire wreath with extras to overlap for coverage.

Next, position each of the pinwheels around the wreath form.  I placed the blue pinwheels directly on the form and then elevated the red pinwheels by placing them on pieces of Styrofoam I cut to size from the other wreath form to fit between the blue pinwheels. This provided the coverage and spacing I needed while still allowing each of the pinwheels to be seen.

It didn't allow for enough coverage though, as you can still see the wood from the form peeking through some of the pinwheels.  That is where the red streamer came in (I ended having to purchase a standard 250 feet roll and only used less than 10 feet of it - but it was worth the $1.97!).  I hand wrapped the steamer in one continuous loop around the wreath form for coverage, put the pinwheels back on and arranged them until I was satisfied. After some tweaking, I busted out the craft glue and went to town.  With drying time, this project took me less than 2 hours and I'm pleased with the results and ready for the 4th!   Happy weekend all!

{TA DA - NEW PHOTOS ADDED!}  Red streamer wrap, close up of the project & the final results: 

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