Friday, July 20, 2012


Happy Friday Everyone!

It's a beautiful day in Chicago { the sun is shining and it is less than 90 degrees! } and I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend with family and friends.  I've mentioned before that Chicago folks are known for cramming as much fun into their summers as possible.  This need to be double and triple booked each weekend is really a defense mechanism meant  to combat the 9 other dreary months we have to typically put up with.

Part of that summer fun includes attending fests.  What are fests, you might ask?  Basically, in Chicago a fest an outdoor gathering, usually customized to the neighborhood it is held in, that is made up A LOT of food, drink, & music.

Customized to the neighborhood - what the heck does that mean??

I'll tell you - Chicago is made up of many individual neighborhoods that each have their own very unique personality.  As and example, my neighborhood was settled originally by German immigrants.   As a result, it's original shops, bars, and restaurants were run and patronized by mainly Germans. 

That influence can still be found throughout the area.   That said, most the Germans have moved away and the yuppies have definitely taken over.  And their "influence" can now be found in the 'hood.   I ran across a very clever site that created some cheeky posters that "advertise" many of the personalities of the neighborhoods in Chicago.  Here is how they described mine.  

It's pretty darn accurate!  If you're interested in reading about the other Chicago neighborhoods here is the link.

Happy Weekend!

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