Thursday, July 26, 2012


Happy Thursday!

If you have been reading you may remember that I've been practicing using the pen tool on my new pal Adobe Illustrator (I think I need to find a nick name for my friend as typing Adobe Illustrator each time is getting tiring).  Each night, I choose a subject and then put "pen" to "paper" and draw it out.

So far, I've created an owl, onesie, bat (the flying kind, not the hitting kind), and a bike.  I liked the bike so much I decided to submit it in the latest Minted Challenge.  This challenge is a combo personal stationary & journal designs.  The below is my design for the journal using the bike I created.  I'd love to here your thoughts and if you like what you see - feel free to vote for me!

I'm proud to say that I think my skills are improving.  I haven't won any of the Minted design challenges (inserting an optimistic yet here), but  I'm happy to report that my scores are improving with each submission.    I'm excited to see how this next round goes!

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