Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I love Tuesdays.  Monday is behind you, the week is underway and exciting possibilities are ahead. Tuesdays are also a fav for me because I receive a wonderful little gem in my inbox.  It's the first thing I read and it makes me smile each and every time I click open.  I'm talking about Marie Forleo's Q&A Tuesday video.  I've mentioned my love for Marie before, but I wanted to dedicate an entire "I love Marie" post to her today.

If you haven't found her site yet, stop everything you are doing a go now!  Marie's is the place to be to help create a business and life you love.

Anyway, back to my admiration... In the past couple weeks, I've been devouring the free training videos she's produced on creating a powerful online presence (find those wonderful videos here) for your business.  The information in these videos can stand alone and is very valuable, but they also introduce her B-School program.  I'm having the long talk with Mr. Squareview to map out a plan to eventually be a B-School grad, but in the meantime I wanted to share with you the why.

Take a look at these past grads videos (below).  You honestly can't help but be inspired! Enjoy.

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