Monday, February 11, 2013


Happy Lundi Gras, Y'all (or Shrove Monday for you traditionalists out there)!  I wanted to share one of my favorite brass bands playing a song that you'll hear in your head for at least a week following a trip to the Big Easy. It's a very amateur video, but worth it.

I give you Rebirth Brass Band with Do Watcha Wanna. Enjoy!  

If the video isn't working, click here for the link.

Fun Fact: The Fleur-di-lis Cafe shown at the beginning of the video is open early for breakfast and a must after a late night out. Mr. Squareview was devastated when he ordered the muffaletta omelet only to learn it was no longer on the menu. He must of looked a little worst for the wear though as the kind folks behind the counter had a heart and made it for him anyway.

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