Thursday, January 19, 2012


I alluded to it briefly in an previous post, but I wanted to share the origins of my studio's name.  First, let me tell you that I don't officially have a studio.  I was working towards a goal and decided that to make it more tangible, I should name it.  That goal was to fill a crafty void in my life.  I didn't know what one thing (or several things) I would land on so I wanted to keep the naming generic enough so it didn't paint me into a corner.  I landed on 'studio' and loved it. 

Now for the Squareview part.  Mr. Squareview and I have a love of all things beer.  The passion only grew after a wonderful trip to Europe a few years ago.  We toured Brussels and Brugge in Belgium and threw in a side trip to Amsterdam.  The Belgians are world renowned for their beer making talent and Mr. Squareview and I spent a lot of time soaking up that talent on our trip.  

While we were on one of our many tours we learned that, for luck, the old brewmasters always included a star (primarily a red one) on the signage of their brewery.  Trust me, you won't be able to help yourself now... these previously unnoticed stars will now be popping up everywhere!  They did after we learned that little tidbit.  From internationally know (Heineken) to our neighborhood microbrew (Half Acre), you can't dodge those stars...

It was soon after that trip that Mr. Squareview and I dreamt of a life brewing beer ourselves.  Maybe, if we were lucky, we could actually hang up this 9 to 5 gig and make delicious homemade beer for a living.  Over, what else, a beer Mr. Squareview and I started to brainstorm on what we should call this little venture.  We decided that the name of the brewery should be unique, be personal to both of us, and have a little story.  We came up with Square View Brewery.  Why you might ask?  Location, location, location.  We weren't married yet and we were living different neighborhoods of Chicago.  Me, in Lincoln Square and Mr. Squareview was living in the Lake View.  Figure it out yet?  :) 

Unfortunately, this project never got off the ground, but I still loved the name. So much so, that I decided that I should use it here. Who knows, if my studio actually becomes a producing studio AND we finally get into brewing we could have our own little Squareview conglomerate...What do you think?

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