Thursday, January 12, 2012


Stationary, specifically letterpress, was the first on my love list so I started to explore. I spent a lot of time during my wedding planning exploring different stationary shops trying to find the perfect wedding invitations. I loved the simple elegance that the letterpress designs I saw conveyed. Unfortunately, Mr. Squareview couldn't be convinced to boost the budget to accommodate the cost. Pity. I ended up going with a beautiful design I found on, where else? Esty. Check out some of the gorgeous designs made by the studio I choose Foglio Press. I was still on crafty cloud 9 from the wedding so thought, why not? I will try my hand at letterpress! I started a full search via the trusty interwebs looking for a beginners class or a starter kit for the home letterpress enthusiast. I came up with very little. I kept coming across the QuickKutz Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress Machine. I dismissed it outright as the reviews were seldom good and it was a bit cost prohibitive. Then, two things happened. Amazon had a sale and I had a Christmas list to write...

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