Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I attended a local event last night called - Marketing Your Etsy Shop.  The event was hosted by the wonderful Rebecca George of purpleandlime.  Etsy recently invited a select group of ladies to the Etsy HQ in Brooklyn and asked that they take part in a new certification process so they could become Etsy educators.  Rebecca was part of that flagship group.  These Etsy educators are not employees of Etsy, rather ambassadors who share the knowledge and experience with other sellers. 

In addition to the super cute TAG-O-RAMA pad and Etsy sticker shown above, Rebecca provide the class with some awesome tips on using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and your blog to get the word out on you shop listings.  I can't wait to put these tips to use!

If you are selling on etsy (or thinking about selling on Etsy), I would highly recommend seeing if there are certified Etsy Educator classes in your neck of the woods and if so, signing up for one.  Time well spent for sure!

If you have attended one of these classes or are thinking about doing so, email me.  I'd love to discuss!

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