Friday, October 19, 2012


Back in August I submitted a few stationery designs to a Minted challenge (you can see them here).  I was more excited about these submissions than I had been about any previous as these were the first that I used the technical skills I had been learning though my Adobe Illustrator classes.  I felt that I had progressed overall as a designer not only because I knew these 'tricks of the trade' but because I was also able to implement them successfully into a design.

I got the news this week that neither of these designs were picked as winners and for the first time in my Minted submission experience, I'm embarrassed to say I got a bit frustrated and resentful.  So much so that I decided that I wasn't going to bother with Minted anymore and that from now on, I would just focus on my shop.

That lasted for all about 12 hours.  I realized that the improvement in my designs wasn't only due to the classes I've been taking or the hours (and hours and hours - Mr. Squareview) parked in front of the computer practicing and designing.  The improvement can also be directly attributed to being held up against all the FABULOUS designers in the Minted community.  

I now look at their designs and actually see them.  I notice the technique they used to create that flower or how they inserted a certain glyph a particular way.  It's honestly like being in art school and getting to learn from and critique your classmates work.  It is invaluable.  

I've resigned myself to the fact that I may never win a Minted challenge and that's OK.  For me, the benefits definitely outweigh the hit to the ego I take when the list of winners is announced and I'm nowhere to be seen.  

So here I am, getting right back on the proverbial horse.

Here's something I put together for the art challenge going on right now.  I really love this one. Hmmm - if this doesn't win, maybe I'll put it in the shop. Love to hear what you think!

art prints - modern family of stripes
art prints - modern family of stripes

Happy Friday!  Enjoy the weekend!

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