Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I'm back in Chicago today and realized that I never posted the final Minted challenge submissions for you all to see.  I know you were waiting with bated breath, right? right? J

Anyway - here they are.  Voting is open and I'd love your support!

I've already posted the rest in a previous post, but here they are again as a reminder J

thank you cards - Savile Row Plaid

thank you cards - Cerulean Crisscross

thank you cards - Tangerine Garden

Tangerine Garden - this one started out to be one of my favorites because I loved the way the 1/2 flower pattern turned out on the top and bottom rows, but I just couldn't find a font that fit. I ended up with the old stand-by BlackJack.  It's funny how you can end up being just "eh" about a design if something is just a little off.  Even if it was gelling for you before.

So much so that I was so "eh" about the purple one I originally posted that I didn't even bother submitting it.  Go figure.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  There is just something so promising about the beginning of the end of a work week....

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