Monday, May 7, 2012


I didn't have a chance to get over to YouTube for today's posting. On another business trip and unfortunately got caught up in prep for my real job :) I will resume next week for sure.

Began the morning in Chicago, landed in DC (Regan) headed to Bethesda, met with clients, back to DC (Dulles), now on the plane making my way to Boston. All in the space of a few hours. Phew!

You may have seen my photos from the air in past posts. I decided on my last trip that, if possible, I would take photos to commemorate each of my business trips going forward. Maybe, with the amount I travel, I have a new weekly topic... PICS from the TOP TUESDAYS (or something like that).

Here are a few snaps from seat 5a (to DC), of national monuments from the air and from seat 9d (to Boston) respectively. Of course all have a little Instagram love added. Enjoy!

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