Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I just had a pretty noteworthy evening and I just had to share...

I'm visiting our New York offices today and after a very long day, I headed out to make my way to the hotel for a much needed rest. As I walked down 5th Ave, dragging my rolly bag behind me, trying in vane to find the hotel, I realized that the NY addressing system is NOT the same as my sweet home Chicago's. In Chicago, if you are standing in front of street address #487 and you wanted to go to an address on that same street at #373, you would end up walking just over a block...In NY - just over 7 blocks - in heels - ouch.

I did get there, though and happily walked up to the front desk and asked to check in. It seems that the hotel had a bit of a flood and several floors, as a result, could not be occupied. I was literally turned away from the inn :)

They handed me an envelope with $10, an address uptown (for another hotel), and sent me on my way. In the exact same direction I had just come from! Go figure :)

Now, the real challenge begins. How do I get from 35th & 5th to 47th & 8th? You may call me lazy if you wish, but by this time walking was completely out of the question. Hailing a cab was in order, STAT! There are 5 million cabs in this great big city, but not one of them was stopping for me!

Then, through the traffic and mobs of people, an unlikely angel peddled up to me and asked me if I wanted a ride. Now, that may sound creepy, but I jumped at the chance to climb in the back of Mr. Pedicab's Eco-friendly ride!

I really wish I had thought to take a photo of me and my rolly bag in the "back seat" of a pedicab being peddled across Broadway in New York City. Best $20 I've ever spent!

Instead of that photo, I'll leave you with this one from seat 20a somewhere above Ohio. Enjoy!

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