Thursday, February 16, 2012


It is a well known fact that right about now in Chicago people get cranky.  They have had just about enough of the winter and their frustration pours out in various ways.  Road rage is on the rise, office squabbles increase, don't even mention spousal spats!  The lucky ones get the heck out of dodge and go somewhere warm and sunny.  However, the poor souls stuck in the February Funk only have the hope of spring warmth to keep them sane.  I call it Pre-Spring Fever.

Even though I just escaped to the warmth a mere 15 days ago, I am still dreaming of spring.  I started to think of all things spring and thought I'd check the PANTONE women's fashion forecast for Spring 2012. Check out these colors!  I'm really drawn to the Tangerine Tango.  I am looking forward to seeing these colors on the rise in my local boutiques and beyond.  What is your favorite? 

you can find more information here

if you are interested in the men's colors you can find them here

Now, not to completely leap frog both Spring and Summer, but PANTONE has already posted their Fall 2012 forecast. Take a look at these gems.  You'll see similarities in many cases, the spicy Tangerine Tango is even repeated in both seasons. Just gorgeous!

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