Saturday, February 18, 2012


from dkldesigns on etsy
Mr. Squareview wears a lot of cufflinks and as a result, he seems to receive cufflinks as gifts pretty regularly.  Instead of chalking this up to my lack of imagination, I chose to declare it tradition! Last year, I got him ones that had mini maps of Chicago and those went over really well.  Again, in no way due to lack of imagination (at all, really, I swear!) I went right back to dlkdesigns on etsy ran across cuff links with mini maps, but instead of only choosing one location, these let you to choose two!  See, TOTALLY different than last year, right? J I picked Washington, DC and St. Lucia this time around.  Mr. Squareview proposed in DC and we honeymooned in St. Lucia.  I thought it would be a romantic way to bookmark our wedding memories.   Now to ensure that I would not be accused of a repeat offenders lack of uniqueness, I figured I'd spice up the packaging   Why not whip out the QuickKutz L Letterpress out for another try.  This time I was even prepared enough to remember to take pictures! I meticulously documented each and every step to make up for forgetting to do it the first time. As you will see, I had a bit more luck this time with the clean up, but ran into the same issue with the ink getting on the plastic surround of the plate.   It was a bit frustrating.  Enjoy the photos!
you can see the ink attaching to the plastic surround.  I used the baby wipes to remove best I could
As suggested on the Boxcar Press review.  Definitely use if creating a multi color print
taping down the press. another tip from Boxcar Press
the best run, but still not perfect
second run.  even with removing the ink with baby wipes, still got the bleed.
closest one was the first run, second had the more bleed from the ink on the plastic surround
clean up tools.  goo gone candle wax lifter worked like a dream!
rolled it on...
wiped it off...
trimmed and rounded the edges
Mr. Squareview's cufflinks
and voila!

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