Wednesday, February 22, 2012


photo curtosy of Pottery Barn
Last fall, I found this lovely engrave-able door wreath hanger at Pottery Barn.  I was newly married and wanted to celebrate my holiday decorating as a couple.  What better way to do so than to engrave our family name on our wreath hanger to present to guests as they come to our door during the season.  That said, I was reluctant to get a live wreath as they don't last that long so I figured I could make one instead.  I put my crafty tools together and glue gunned each and every little individual Christmas ball together until I had myself a gorgeous little wreath.  It was only after the glue dried on my creation that I found a much simpler solution on Eddie Ross's beautiful website here.  

What's a girl to do?  I really loved my little wreath and I only have one front door so I kept Eddie Ross's idea in my back pocket for future use. 

Low and behold, the opportunity arose for me to finally use one of my dry cleaner's wire hangers and the opportunity came in the form of a few bags of plastic pastel Easter eggs I ran across in Michael's!   I grabbed 4 bags that contained large, medium, and small Easter eggs totalling about 120 and headed home with a plan of action to create an Easter egg wreath using Eddie Ross's technique.  Now, the obstacle to this plan might have occurred to you already but it took a little more time to dawn on me...  That obstacle was that there is a major difference between the Christmas ornaments used in the example and the Easter eggs I bought to use.  That difference is that there are no hooks or holes in which to place some sort of hook or hanging device on which to loop on to the wire coat hanger to create the wreath.  Phrump... What now???

Mr. Squareview's electric drill to the rescue!  After a few fits and starts and about 3 hours of work, I have a new wreath with which to greet my guests!  Stay tuned for tutorial and pictures!

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