Friday, February 24, 2012


Here it is - My Easter egg wreath project from start to finish!
I started with some store bought Easter eggs
 and a wire coat hanger bent into a circle
my tools for the job - electric drill, flat nose & round nose pliers, wire cutters and 22 gauge wire
 Mr. Squareview drilled two holes in each egg, alternating
between drilling them on the narrow end and the fatter end of the eggs.
Alternating is needed to make sure that your eggs lay well as you put them around the hanger.
 I bent the wire by hand to make a U shape and then shaped it using the
 round nose pliers then placed the wire through the holes
 and used the flat nose pliers to twist and secure the end of the wire
to make a loop
 to string through the hanger
one down, about 119 to go....
I filled out the hanger using the small and medium eggs. 
The large ones in the bag just didn't play sit well with the others
 and voila.  c'est complete! and ready to welcome both our guests and spring.
Hope you enjoyed the project and it put you in the mood for springtime.

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