Monday, February 13, 2012


As you can see from my post's subject line, my weekend took an unexpected turn...
First, I did not work on the knotless necklaces as planned in my last post. It just didn't feel right to give up so quickly on the hand knotting. After all, I had my trusty bead knotter, all could not be lost! I optimistically sat down and took another pass at hand knotting. Results = pretty much the same as last time L I can't tell if my fingers just aren't dexterous enough or I simply have a mental block, but I'll say it again - hand knotting is hard! You can see from my admittedly blurry pictures here that I would get a couple good ones in a row and then all heck would break loose. I think there is even one there that I double knotted. Seriously, not my finest work.
I am also having a ton of difficulty figuring out how I want to clasp it.  The clam shells just don't do it for me.  Ok, enough with the complaining - on with the solutions!  I'm going to chalk this little red bead experiment up to continued education and tuck them away in the back of my jewelry supplies.  I'm sure I'll get a great laugh when I pull these out months from now and compare them with the work I'll do then.  Or, I can only hope that is what I'll do!  That rose quartz I bought for poolside beading better get ready for me because here I come!

The second unexpected part of my weekend is that I finally began to tackle a project I've had on the docket for several months.  This past November, The Nate Berkus show had Bryan Batt from Mad Men doing the segment Nate calls House Proud - you can watch it here.  Near the end of the segment, he shows an antique armoire that he turned into a wet bar.  Loved it.  I decided to do a modified version of it.  We're calling it the mullet bar project (business in the front, party in the back inside). Here is my before pic.  More to come....

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