Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I must admit, I've been dreading the upcoming fall season.  I simply do not want summer to end.  There hasn't been anything particularly wonderful about the summer of 2012, I've just been enjoying it for the simple things (that even includes the crazy weather!)

In another attempt to get me in the mood for autumn, I figured I'd go on over to my trusty Polyvore and see what I could throw together.

SVS Fall Fashion 2012 

I stepped away after I created both these outfits and when I returned, it was pretty darn clear that neither fit in a fall fashion category.  Change those tangerine heels to some boat shoes and I might as well be sailing off the coast.  Sigh.

With the same gameplan (focusing on pops of color), I took another shot.  This time around I included a pretty dreary view of my corporate offices just to keep me in check!

I'm sure I'll find some joy in these coming months, but I'll tell you what, I'm really looking forward to the 90 degree temperatures we Chicago folks have coming this weekend!

Are you looking forward to the cooler temps?  Is having the kids back in school putting you in the mood for autumn?  I'd love to hear your suggestions for cooping mechanisms to help me get through these trying times! J  

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