Friday, August 31, 2012


My friend and I were discussing a Labor Day party she was throwing and of course the topic of invitations came up.  It was kind of last minute so a custom design wasn't an option.  I still wanted to help so I went to the trusty interwebs for ideas.  Leave it to Martha to have something queued up (from 2009 no less!) that would work perfectly.

Source: via SquareView on Pinterest

While the invite is cute and it definitely solved my friend's last minute party dilemma, there was a second reason this stood out to me.  It was the perforated paper.  I've been creating more and more custom invitations for myself, friends, & family and if the print job is done at home, without the right tools, the paper cutting could be a challenge.  Most choose to just go get it done at a print shop { not me though as I've got the  DIY bug gene and love to pull out my paper guillotine and get to choppin'!}

However, I know that for many the idea of cutting their own paper doesn't sound as appealing as it does to me.  For those folks , how awesome would it be to get quality paper AND to cut it in a snap?  Now I was curious.
Unfortunately, the company that Martha lists in the post doesn't seem to carry that line any longer.  I did some more digging on this website and Viola! Found imprintable deckle edged foldable 4.5 x 6.75in cards.  Few! That's a mouthful!

If deckle edges isn't your thing, I also found another site that offered postcard size flat cards that you may be interested in checking out.  The end result comes out slightly smaller than your standard A6 flat card, but if you really hate cutting - it may be an option to consider!  Neither of the two would support this printable design from Martha, but I figured you're likely not mailing out invites for weekend BBQ today - or are you? J

All in all, even with the high cool factor,  I'll stick with my guillotine and continue to send my friends to their local print shop.  

I hope everyone has a safe and happy (long - for my fellow Americans) weekend!

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