Tuesday, August 14, 2012


A while ago I noticed that one of my favorite wedding blogs, Elizabeth Ann Designs { check out EAD here } , created a button on their facebook page that linked to EAD's Pinterest boards.  Even though I'm guilty of being an infrequent SVS facebook poster, I decided that I still needed that IMMEDIATELY and began my research to figure out how she did it.  

After countless failed Google searches and a lot of hair pulling, I figured that it was some sort of state secret and mere mortals like myself (with only 4 likes on Squareview's FB page) were not meant to learn such things.

Fast forward about 4 months and a casual stroll through the interwebs this weekend resulted with me stumbling upon woobox.com. Could this be it?  Is this what I've been waiting for?  It is - WOO HOO!

I was so pleased that it couldn't have been simpler to create and customize the links (which don't stop at Pinterest - you'll see that I also linked to Twitter as well) to your FB page.   The longest part in the process (for me) was creating the custom images you see above that say Pinterest and Twitter.  If you don't want to customize them, the standard Pinterest "P" logo and Twitter bird with show instead.  How awesome is that?

Now with my new found knowledge, I'm resolving to be better at both posting on FB and tweeting on Twitter.  Like me or Follow me (or both!) to see all the great stuff ahead.

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