Wednesday, August 22, 2012


For those of you not familiar, each year, the Discovery Channel dedicates a whole week to sharks.  And it is the Best. Week. Ever.  I love Shark Week.  I've been watching it since college (a looooong time ago) and look forward to it every summer.  This year marked it's 25th anniversary and to celebrate that milestone, I wanted to design a little party invitation.  Lucky for me, that was my homework for week 2 of Nicole's Classes!

More on the invitation later, for now I just wanted to share this gem I ran across.  A Shark Week drinking game!  For fans, this should prove to be quite humorous.  Obviously designed to keep players pretty tipsy especially since about 92% of the people interviewed/featured are from Australia.  The rest seem to be from South Africa and after a few cocktails, those two accents can be a bit hard for us Americans to differentiate between.J  

Oh how I wish I had this back in my college days!  Next year - it's game time.

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