Thursday, August 2, 2012


Pretty exciting news!  I finally figured out how to create a chevron pattern in illustrator.  I know.  Life. Changing. Stuff.

But seriously, it couldn't have been simpler.  I don't know why I struggled so much originally.  This pen tool thingy is amazing!  Ok, enough about my current obsession {adobe illustrator and all of its wonder} and back to chevron patterns.

My friend asked me to help her put together an invite for her husband's birthday party and I was playing around with some concepts.  He's right up there with Dos Equis - The Most Interesting Man in the World so I had to keep it pretty masculine.

I thought blue chevron would look awesome so I put a pattern together.  We decided to go in a different direction instead {more on that soon} but I couldn't let my efforts go to waste.

I took my pattern and kicked it up a notch and ombre'd it up.  Oh, how I love me some ombre.  So much so that I took a little walk through the interwebs to pull some of my fav blue ombre images.  Lovely.

Photo Credits: Top - cake from prudent baby,  dress,  flowers from Martha   chair from design sponge
Bottom - tub via Living Etc, stairs from Martha, mug from Christine & Co, hair - couldn't get past tumblr to find source.

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