Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I'm not sure if this is just a thing in the Mid-West, but folks round here love them some ugly sweaters during the holiday season.  The more horrific the design the better.  Think Cliff Huxtable on steroids.  Truly, I'm not sure what possessed the makers of these gems to even sew them, they are so ugly.

We like to celebrate these monstrosities by gathering together over a cocktail or two and showing them off.  Personally, I don't own an ugly sweater (well, at least not on purpose) so I don't really partake in the fun.  However, that didn't stop me from helping others enjoy themselves by putting together this little design (just posted to the shop).

Let the raids begin on Granny's attics everywhere!

Homestead Typeface (by LostType - found here) perfectly showcases how good ugly can look with it's yummy layering options.  The combination of teal, orange, and green never looked so good. J

What kind of holiday party are you planning to celebrate the season?  Ugly Sweater anyone?

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