Thursday, March 8, 2012


I was getting a bit obsessed with my free Illustrator preview and realized it was time to take a little break.  I put together the below two necklaces to add to my collection.  The first is made from turquoise chips the other orange jade.  You may remember the jade from a previous post of mine found here
I start with 2 strands
then moved to 3 strands
ended up with 4 strands total as I ran out of beads to make a 5th
even though there was a spot for the 5th on the clasp.  whoops!
I really liked this clasp.  I thought it was more interesting than the standard toggle clasp
the orange jade
I liked the way the beads ranged in size from small to large.  They did not provide enough, however, to make much more than a choker which isn't really my style....
so I added some chain to lengthen it. 

Now, back to my Illustrator obsession!

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