Monday, March 26, 2012


I'll admit, I'm a fan of the book series.  I will also admit when my 11 yr old (at the time) nephew first described the book's concept to me years ago I was bit shocked it was considered young adult literature.  It seemed wholly too barbaric to be age appropriate.  That said, I greedily gobbled up book 1 in record time and couldn't wait to move on to the second.  Book one is definitely my favorite of the series and although I did not contribute to the $150M+ earned this weekend at the box office, Mr. Squareview and I will definitely be seeing the movie soon. 

I obviously knew the books were popular.  The true sign is when you see middle aged business men and women reading them with zeal in every airport.  Popular, sure, but I didn't realize the obsession out there until Etsy sent me this product update email over the weekend.  It was titled "Let the Games begin"

Hilarious.  There are some really interesting (and honestly in some cases disturbingly attentive to detail) items out there.  It got me thinking.  A quick trip to Pinterest and viola! Check out these goodies. 
Source: via Cle on Pinterest
Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

If you've been reading - you know I love me some cuff links. These are made from actual HG books!

And my personal favorite....

Happy Hunger Games, Everyone!

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