Tuesday, September 18, 2012


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I'll admit it, my social media "know how" is pretty limited.  In fact, I'm pretty sure a small child has a larger twitter following than I do.  So, I decided with the summer fading fast, it was the perfect time to get to work to create a social media strategy.   Then the weekend came and I forgot all about my grand plans to get informed.  Sigh.

Lucky for me, the laziness fairies were looking out for me as today I found the solution staring me right in the face here on Oh! My Handmade.

The 5 Steps to Create a Successful Social Media Strategy (the basics):

  • Step One) Understand Your Target Market
  • Step Two) Define Your Value Proposition & Positioning
  • Step Three) Get in Front of Your Customers (or, for me, my target audience)
  • Step Four) Create an Action Plan with Measurable Goals
  • Step Five) Measure Your Results and Iterate

Check out the link above to get all the details for each step.  If you are looking to for some help in this area, I definitely recommend reading.

Armed with this AND "mom this is how twitter works" by Jessica Hische, I think I'm golden. J

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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