Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Each Friday, several of the blogs I read post a recap of the things they found and liked by other posters during that week.  I happily gobble up their "link love" and I thought I would try something similar.   Instead of curating the actual posts down to my favs of the week, I thought I switch it up a bit and instead share the actual blogs/sites I heart the most. I figure this is the ultimate in link love.J

Design/Party Planning/Paper/Just Plain Pretty Blogs:
The Besotted Blog - so in love with Miss Tristan B's stamp designs and  jealous envious of her recent move from LA to North Carolina.
The Sweetest Occasion - I love everything about Cyd's blog.  The pictures, the color inspirations,  the party ideas, and the recipes (mostly drink recipes as I avoid my stove as much as possible).
Oh So Beautiful Paper - the name says it all.  Nole features some of the most beautiful designs around.
Hank & Hunt - Jenny took a break, but it looks like she is back with more fab DIY projects.
Wit & Whistle - talk about fab DIY - Amanda's paper projects are on my list of to dos!
Oh Happy Day - Jordan is the queen of all DIY - I dream of being this creative.  I mean, really, check out that movie marquee project!

step by step DIY found here 

Businessey Goodness Blogs:
Oh My! Handmade - Jessika heads up a crew of fabulous contributors on this blog which focuses on the business side of the handmade business.
Jess Lively (formally Make Under My Life) - Jess is on a mission to help other entrepreneurs create a business with intention.  Don't be fooled by the recent marriage posts - she just eloped to Paris and that has obviously been a topic of discussion. Wouldn't it be for you?  I mean, it's Paris.  Nuff said.
Marie Forleo - Marie is an awesome online marketer with incredible energy and insight who is out to add value to both your business and life. MarieTV Tuesdays Q&A make my day.
Nicole's Classes - No, it's not because I featured on it (twice - yippee!) but because they post some wonderful tools and tips that would help out anyone interested in photography, blogging, graphic design, etc.

Wow! I didn't realize how much time I spend reading blogs (& I think mine is short list compared to others)

That said, all these wonderful blogs have one thing in common and that is that they all have amazing, creative, passionate women at the helm.

I hope you enjoy my daily reads!

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