Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I decided a while ago that I needed a new camera.  The intent was to move away from my trusty point and shoot and buy a big girl DSLR camera.  It was an investment I was willing to take on because I really wanted my photos to go to the next level.  Mr. Squareview, on the other hand, was not a fan of the purchase.  Not for the BIG dent in the pocketbook, as one might suspect.  No, his objection was solely due to the increase in size of the new camera.

You see, when we travel, Mr. SV is the keeper of the camera.  I typically do the bulk of the shooting, but he usually has the pockets in which to carry it around.  Even with my promises that I would take on the carrying, he still protested.  I think he was figuring he'd still end up carrying it somehow (which, if I'm honest, isn't entirely inaccurate J).  So when it came down to it, he was still balking at the purchase as he didn't want to end up carting around (in his words) a gigantic DSLR beast.

Now, I want to clarify something.  The acquisition of the new camera wasn't only to improve our travel snaps. I also wanted to improve my photos for a pretty big side project on which I'm currently working (more on the side project soon!).  Needless to say, I was motivated and had been spending a good amount of time trying to bring the hubs to the DSLR darkside.

Ever the trooper, he agreed to go shopping with me last night.  In his mind, I'm pretty sure he was thinking that we'd get the DSLR for my side project and the little point and shoot would still be joining us on vacations.  We spent a fair amount of time in the store learning about what I came there to see - a Canon and Nikon  DSLR.  Both had everything I was looking for with all the size Mr. SV was not.

I was about to grab one of them and go when a little white jewel caught my attention.  Visions of Ashton Kutcher danced in front of my eyes while I headed over to take a closer look.  This is what I saw....

Most of the DSLR features I was looking for in the size that worked for Mr. SV.  With a 30 day return policy firmly in our possession, it came home with us.  Marriage is all about compromise, right?

Testing begins this weekend. Stay tuned....

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