Friday, September 14, 2012


unfortunately, I'm too blind to read the source of this image.  Found here

Happy Friday Everyone!

I can't tell you how excited I am to wrap up my day so I can race home and spend most the evening working on the projects covered during my first week of Typography class through Nicole's Classes.   Talk about wild and crazy weekend! My 24 year old self would be disgusted to see how much my Friday night activities have changed J

I signed up for the class because I recognized what I was creating was missing that je ne sais quoi that good typography brings to the party.  I needed help, and fast!  Thank goodness my ol' pal, Nicole's Classes, came to the rescue.

It sounds funny, but I'm really looking forward to being critiqued my instructor, Melanie.  I hope to hone my skills enough to be able to put something like the below (coincidentally created by Melanie herself!) together.   

find this beauty here

Isn't it pretty?  

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

p.s. Is it ridiculous that I can identify each and every one of the typefaces* on that poster?  Oh my.  Can you say  - Off. The. Deep. End?   

* did you notice that? I said typefaces, not fonts as I've been calling them for like, ever.  Apparently, fonts are the sizes of the typeface.  Example - you would be using the 21pt font for the Times New Roman Typeface.  Woot!  I learned something in class already!

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