Thursday, September 13, 2012


My business trip kept me busy over that last several days so I didn't have much time to keep up on my daily reads. That said, I had almost two weeks of items to curate and bring you, my friend, my favorites from my marathon catch up last night.  Enjoy!

Some inspiration from Oh Happy Day

How great is that Acapulco pillow?

found on Oh Happy Day - here

From Oh So Beautiful Paper

Isn't this birth invite is gorgeous? It has that perfect touch of mid century modern that really makes it pop. I just love the typefaces, colors, and typography.  Love I say!

1x1.trans Sophisticated Letterpress Birth Announcements for Baby Adler
Check out the additional pictures of this beauty here 

Funny story side note - as I was washing my face the morning before I saw this post I was thinking how cool the color combination on my face scrub packaging would look on an invite. Believe it or not, the blue color on the packaging is less bright in real life than it is reading in this pic and actually is closer to the blue in the announcement.  Finish it off with a touch of that neon green and I think I have a color combo winner.

Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser
find my favorite face scrub here 

Typefaces from Besotted Blog 

Miss Tristan B has been on a mission to develop her hand-lettering skills.  She's been posting her results over the past several weeks (which definitely is a trend as Wit & Whistle even created a Pinterest board { here } for others to share their practice work) but she went in a slightly different direction for this post.  This post highlights some of the beautiful hand lettered-like typefaces out there.  If you are curious about the names of these fonts shown below, check out her post.

find out the names of these gorgeous typefaces here.  I'm proud to say that I'm equally obsessed with script typefaces and already had all but one of these in my possession.  I know, I'm going off the deep end...J

Hand-lettering has been peaking my interest of late as well. It is just so beautiful.  I'm considering dipping my toe in to see how I would fair (I just have to convince Mr. Squareview that it really is a good idea to buy calligraphy equipment and it actually does tie into the work I'm doing on Adobe Illustrator - such a non believer he is! J)

Last but not least I had to share this video - An Evening with: Jessica Hische.  Jessica is a professional hand-letterer who tells her story and shares her work in this video.  It is long and (fair warning) contains some very colorful language but so worth it to see her work progress and admire it's beauty and elegance.  

All these pictures were just to whet your whistle.  Going forward, I expect my link love will be a tad bit more traditional and just actually include, you know, the links. Ah well, blame this go on beginners exuberance to share the pretties.

I'd love to hear about your favorite posts (either among these or any others).  Have a great day!  

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