Thursday, September 27, 2012


There are a ton of things to consider when opening your Etsy shop and your shop's brand should be top of the list.  I knew I wanted to continue the modern, clean lined aesthetic that I strive to create in my designs throughout the entire shop.  I also knew I wanted to keep the star found on the Chicago flag somewhere in the logo.

I put several ideas together and the below came out as the winner.

Sizes used:
Small square that will be used as my shop Avatar was 125x125 pxls
Etsy shop banner was 760x100 pxls as recommended by Etsy.

You'll be seeing these same updates to the branding on this blog, my facebook page & twitter page. Well, you'll be seeing the updates after I fix the major problem I just noticed this morning.  Can you see it?  It is hilarious what your mind will just fog right over when you are in the thick of editing your designs. I noticed that the points of the star were off a fraction of a inch, but this goes unnoticed.  Go figure....

etsy banner:

I choose to keep the star the same general size as the blog banner which meant that it bled off the etsy banner page.  I'm starting to reconsider that idea. Should I make the star fit the banner instead?  What do you all think?

etsy (and likely facebook timeline) avatar:

and my new blog header:

Did you find the problem I mentioned above?  

That's right - my spelling is atroxious! You would think I would know the difference between stationary and stationery by now! J

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