Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Happy Tuesday!  I've finally recovered for my cold and I'm back to my old self again.  That said, it is going to top out at 2 degrees in Chicago today, so my cold fighting abilities may be put to the test!

I took advantage of the long weekend and finished a project that Mr. Squareview has been begging me to do for over a year.  I custom ordered these beautiful pomanders for our wedding aisle decor and have been struggling to find a second life for them for the last 18 months. Mr. Squareview loves to organize (it boarders on obsession, really).  Half of that organization typically results in a major purge every few months so the fact that these "purple balls" have been taking up valuable storage space has been a point of discussion.  To prevent them being a causality of the purge, I had to find a new use for them so they wouldn't getting tossed.

You may have noticed in my previous posts (here, here and here) that I like me some wreath making, but a plain purple ball wreath just didn't float my crafty boat.  Exactly what would my poor door be celebrating?  So I brainstormed on purple and then it hit me - Mardi Gras! It's super early this year (Feb 12th) so it is definitely the right time to begin celebrating!

It's not my best work to date, but I think it turned out cute enough and I got to rescue some of my pomanders from the trash heap.   Happy Mardi Gras, Y'all!

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